HOWTO: Enable Macros In Microsoft Word

When spawning documents in MS Word from XrayVision, a macro warning and/or error may pop-up indicating that macros are not enabled in MS Word.   This is a security feature in Word to prevent macro viruses from spreading in infected documents. In order for Word to fill in the various document templates from XrayVision, macros must be enabled in MS Word.

MS Word 2000/2003

Apteryx recommends setting the macro security level to Medium.   The medium security setting permits a user to allow or disallow macros when working with documents.

MS Word 2003 Macro Warning dialog box

Refer to the following Microsoft support article to change the macro security level in MS Word 2003:

MS Word 2007 or MS Word 2010

The following warning may display if spawning a document template into MS Word 2007 or 2010 from XrayVision:

Macro security settings are located in the Trust Center. Apteryx recommends changing the Macro Setting to Enable all macros ...