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Company Profile

Apteryx Inc. is a software development company that creates and develops software applications and systems that are leading products in their respective industry segments. The company exceeds the expectations of its customers by creating timely, innovative and cost effective software solutions that improve the profitability of the clients’ businesses.

Current products include OEM imaging applications and extensions for large domestic and international dental companies, Apteryx-branded applications sold through value-added reseller networks and via the company’s Web site, source code libraries and other custom applications. The company’s products are written in any of a number of programming languages depending upon the needs of the project.

What We Do

Apteryx’s primary business objective is to develop custom software applications that addresses the needs of the client. Apteryx’s programming expertise in various programming languages, coupled with high-level coding experience enables the company to offer its clients cutting edge products at affordable costs.

Due to Apteryx’s software engineering practices, the company is able to design, develop and distribute new applications with a very short development cycle. This allows cost savings for the customer, and a finished product in use, sooner.

Apteryx specializes in image processing; synthetic imaging and generation; data and image compression; encryption and data security; neural networking; check processing systems, network and communication applications and services; tools and utility applications and services; real-time video imaging; hardware and peripheral integration; proficient in several programming languages for a number of different hardware platforms; design and implementation of several networking and distributed systems applications for inventory management and other large-scale programs; large-scale software projects.

In addition to custom software design and coding, Apteryx also offers website design, development, maintenance and management, as well as technical system and network consultation.

Our Mission

Apteryx retains its leadership position by fostering an atmosphere that rewards creative product development, using processes that utilize the company’s extensive software libraries and unique, proprietary development techniques. The company’s relationships with it’s clients and associates embrace an attitude of fairness and high ethical conduct that reinforces the company’s business reputation and it’s culture.

Apteryx Quality Policy 

Apteryx is committed to providing high-quality, safe, and effective software and services that meet the requirements of our customers. Apteryx is also committed to adhering to regulatory requirements and to maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system. Apteryx tracks the quality of their products and services by accepting feedback from our customers, adhering to our quality policy, and tracking and completing bug reports, complaints, and feature requests from the customers.

UL Registered Firm

Apteryx ISO 13485 Cert 1422.180513The quality system of this facility has been registered by UL to the ISO 13485 standard. View our assessed capability to ISO 13485 or our regulatory compliance with quality management system requirements in Canada.

Apteryx, Inc. 313 S. High St., Ste 200, Akron, OH 44308 US Contact us by phone: (877) APTERYX, Fax: (330) 376-0788
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