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Apteryx Dealer Network Drives Sales Up by 12%

Published: Jan 6, 2006

Attributed to the expanding Apteryx Authorized Dealer network

Apteryx, Inc., a custom software development company based in Akron, reports that individual user sales were up 12% in 2005, compared to 2004.

The increased individual user sales are attributed to the expanding Apteryx Authorized Dealer network that has been built up through the years. The network currently includes over 50 independent dealers covering most of the United States, including Alaska. Apteryx also has regional independent dealers worldwide.

“The exposure that our authorized dealers provide to the dental community is incredible,” remarked Keith Kneisley, Apteryx Sales Director. “Often, a dental professional can get our world class Apteryx Imaging dental products from a technology group they may be working with. The trust and inherent knowledge of their practice is already there.”

Apteryx Authorized Dealers go through a qualification process before they are allowed to represent and sell Apteryx software products as an independent reseller. To find an authorized reseller in your area, simply visit the Apteryx Dealer Finder online at www.apteryx.com/dealers and enter your search criteria.

About Apteryx, Inc.

Apteryx, Inc. was founded in 1995 to provide the custom application development market for customers around the world. Apteryx's products include XrayVision and XVlite, an imaging suite of applications that digitize x-rays and other images for dental practitioners; DICOM software for the institutional dental market; INcontrol automated inventory management designed for large-scale distribution and manufacturing companies; and other Windows-based applications and utilities.

For more information, visit Apteryx's web site at www.apteryx.com or Apteryx's product site at www.apteryxware.com, or contact Apteryx at 330.376.0889 or via email at info@apteryx.com.

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