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Digital Dentistry

Apteryx offers a full suite of digital diagnostic imaging products designed to meet the needs of today’s medical businesses, from the small private practice to the largest multi-clinic enterprise.

XrayVision is the primary retail version of the Apteryx family, and is the original hardware-independent dental imaging package. 

XVLite is an addition to the XrayVision family, designed specifically for touch-screens and high-turnover environments. These products offer support for both human and veterinary dental imaging.

XrayVisionDCV (“DICOM Capture and View”) is a branch-off from XrayVision, originally designed for the enterprise organization that conforms to certain medical standards and security requirements.  XrayVisionDCV was initially created for the US military, and is now established at numerous private and public healthcare organizations.  XrayVisionDCV fits seamlessly into the largest multi-clinic corporate medical environment, yet may also be deployed on one laptop as a standalone device. This product also permits diagnostic imaging for veterinary, podiatry, ENT, and general medical practices.

Hardware integration

Unlike many other imaging softwares, which lock their customers into using a specific brand of capture hardware, the Apteryx family of imaging softwares will capture from a wide variety of intraoral and extraoral hardware brands. We have created plugins for over 100 brands and models of intraoral sensors and cameras, phosphor plate scanners, pans/cephs, CTs, and other capture hardware. This allows customers to work in a “mixed environment”, simultaneously using hardware from many different manufacturers, all while storing the captured images in a single database. Hygienists and dental assistants are free to swap different sensors and cameras between operatories, and immediately view their images from all workstations, within one single interface. And we are continually adding support for newly-released hardware models.

Software integration

The Apteryx family offers a variety of methods for integration with practice management, imaging, and other third-party softwares. Some of the software integration tools and technology we use include: NameGrabber, DataGrabber, DataDrills, HL7, DICOM Modality Worklist, custom data import, barcode scanning, and many other custom solutions. We also offer APIs for all of our products, allowing other companies to design their own utilities to connect to Apteryx.

Through NameGrabber and DataDrills, we support bridging patient data from over 60 different practice management softwares, allowing the user to quickly proceed from viewing a patient entry in the PM software to capturing new images, without the need to re-enter any patient information. We also offer DataGrabber for customers wishing to connect their PM software to over a dozen different third-party imaging softwares.

For customers who are switching to Apteryx from another imaging software, we also offer a Data Conversion service, which will convert the patient entries and images from any imaging database to the Apteryx database format, or to the standard DICOM image format. The data conversion will maintain image quality, orientation, templates/mounts, tooth numbering, taken dates, patient demographic information, and any other information that is required.

Multi-Clinic support

All of the Apteryx imaging products have the ability to transfer and synchronize patient/image data between sites, either manually or periodically. For XrayVision and XVLite, the XV Sync utility can be used to push newly-captured images to a central server, pull images from a server, or synchronize the images between two or more servers. For XrayVisionDCV, the DCV Data Manager can be used to perform similar operations between multiple DCV sites.

Windows Compatibility

Apteryx XrayVision DCV, XrayVision and XVlite are designed for 32- or 64-Bit Windows® XP (SP2 or above), Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows Server® 2003 SP1, Windows Server® 2008,  and Windows Server® 2012 operating systems including Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) and Citrix®.

Product comparison

We highly recommend that you download the trial version of our Apteryx Imaging software - which includes a fully-functional 30-day trial of both XrayVision and XVLite - and try them both out for yourself. You can also view a feature comparison for our imaging products.

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