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Convert from your existing dental imaging software to Apteryx Imaging! Or you can integrate other dental imaging software with many popular practice management applications.

  • Application Upgrades Application Upgrades
  • Lightyear to XVLite® Conversion
    You do have somewhere to turn for help! Apteryx will convert your Lightyear version of the software to Apteryx’s XVlite. Since the XVlite...
  • XVLite to XrayVision Crossgrade - Primary
    NO PENALTY Crossgrade from any XVlite product (including OEMs) to XrayVision! Original owner only, one crossgrade discount per address and/or...
  • XVLite to XrayVision Crossgrade - Additional Location
    NO PENALTY Crossgrade from any XVlite product (including OEMs) to XrayVision for additional locations! Original owner only, one crossgrade...
  • XrayVision 4 Upgrade
    XrayVision 4 features a completely refreshed interface, including updated menus, graphics, buttons, and more. These updates provide a more...
  • Database Conversion
  • Database Conversion with Data Mapping
    Data Conversion with Data Mapping During image data conversions, data may need to be changed or corrected. Common scenarios are:...
  • Database Conversion
    With our Database Conversion service, we can merge the x-rays, scans, photos, and templates from your previous dental imaging software into the...
  • Database Upgrade
    Upgrade your Apteryx XrayVision or XVLite imaging database for use with our XVWeb cloud imaging service. Bring your existing patient images with...
  • Data Mapping Service, per hour
    Data Mapping Service During data conversions at times data can be changed or corrected. Common scenarios are: Switching practice...
  • DataGrabber DataGrabber
  • DataGrabber
    Price now includes first year of updates and support. After one (1) year, DataGrabber Support will be required. DataGrabber allows you to...
  • XrayVision Add-ons XrayVision Add-ons
  • WhitenIT
    Bleaching and tooth whitening procedures have become integral to many dental practices today. And many times patients want to know what their...
  • DICOM Extension for XrayVision
    The Apteryx DICOM Extension allows XrayVision to communicate to a DICOM-compliant server.  NOTE: Pricing is per computer, not per...
  • Cosmetic Imaging Module
    New and improved Cosmetic Imaging Module v2.0 for XrayVision Cosmetic Imaging Module is a cosmetic dentistry simulator that plugs directly into...
  • XV Sync XV Sync
  • XV Sync - per server
    XV Sync™ enables automatic synchronization of multiple Apteryx databases for a dental practice - whether across town or across the country....
  • KerenHD TWAIN
    Capture images directly from  Polaroid KerenHD sensors   into your preferred imaging software. Allows any TWAIN compatible software to...
  • KerenHD TWAIN +1 Additional User
    Add more KerenHD capture workstations to your preferred imaging software.  Must be licensed and installed on each individual computer...
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