HOWTO: Put A XrayVision Button In PracticeWorks

PracticeWorks allows a user to configure a button that launches XrayVision (XV), opening the record of the patient being viewed in PracticeWorks patient chart.

  1. Find the area below the patient chart in PracticeWorks where there is a collection of buttons.


  2. Right-click in a blank area and select Add Button.


  3. Select the User Defined Button option and then click on OK.


  4. Click on the Define New button.


  5. Enter XV as the button name and button label.   Select entire mouth from the 'Entry made for' dropdown list.   Select Not surface related for the 'Surface entry' option.


  6. Click on the OK button.   The new XV button will appear in the button list area of PracticeWorks.


  7. Right-click on the new XV button.


  8. Select the Define AutoLinks option.


  9. Click on the Add button.


  10. Click on the Select? button in the Respond by section.


  11. When asked if it will ALWAYS occur for this event, click on the Yes button.


  12. Select the Run another application option.


  13. Click on the Define New button.


  14. Enter XV as the description.


  15. Enter the command line to launch XrayVision application.   Be sure to specify the network path to XV if running on a network even if XV is installed on the local computer.    Specify the short filenames (the 8.3 format) for the path and not fully qualified names (PracticeWorks can not handle launching fully qualified names with spaces in them).

    The parameter that follows the executable file is: /p"<LastName>, <FirstName>::<SSN>::<PersonID>". Note that there is a space between the comma and the <FirstName> parameter and that must be included the quotation marks.

  16. Click on the OK button.


  17. Click on the No button when asked if PracticeWorks should wait.


  18. Click on the No, always respond WITHOUT asking button.