HOWTO: Setup the Dentrix G5 DataDrill

Apteryx is part of the Dentrix Developer Program (DDP) and has authorized access to the Dentrix G5 Database.

Apteryx provides a DataDrill for NameGrabber (for Apteryx Imaging products, namely XrayVision/XVLite) and DataGrabber (for 3rd Party imaging applications) that interface with the Dentrix G5 database.

Follow the instructions below to download and setup the appropriate Dentrix G5 DataDrill for NameGrabber or DataGrabber.

  1. If installing the Dentrix G5 DataDrill for NameGrabber, close Apteryx Imaging software (XrayVision/XVLite) on any networked server or client workstation. If installing the datadrill for DataGrabber, exit the software on any server or workstation running the application.

  2. Access the Apteryx Product Updates site and download the appropriate Dentrix G5 DataDrill updater for NameGrabber or DataGrabber. Double-click on the updater and follow the instructions to install/update the datadrill.

  3. If using XrayVision, launch the application and select Database > DataDrills > DataDrill Options. Skip to Step 6.

  4. If using XVLite launch the application, select Preferences > Database and then click on the DataDrill Options button. Skip to Step 6.

  5. If using DataGrabber, launch the application, right-click on the icon in the system tray, and select Customize > DataDrills.

  6. Double-click on the Dentrix G5 DataDrill option to access the Dentrix G5 DataDrill Options dialog box show below.

  7. Complete the following fields:

  8. Select the Test Connection button to verify options have been correctly. If successful, a confirmation message will display indicating the number of patients found in the DentrixSQL database.

  9. Click OK to save the changes.