HOWTO: Setup the EagleSoft DataDrill to Interface with the Database

Download and install the latest Eaglesoft datadrill located on the Apteryx website at

An ODBC data source needs to be setup on each computer in order to interface with the Eaglesoft database.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.

  2. Access the 'Administrative Tools' in Control Panel and double-click on Data Source (ODBC).

  3. The 'ODBC Data Source Administrator' launches. Click on Add to begin creating a data source for Eaglesoft.

  4. Select the Adaptive Server Anywhere driver and then click on Finish.

  5. The ODBC configuration dialog box displays. On the 'ODBC' tab, enter "dental" (all lowercase) in the 'Data source name' field.

  6. Select the 'Login' tab. Enable the Supply user ID and password option. Enter "dba" (all lowercase) in the 'User ID' field and "sql" (all lowercase) as the default password.

  7. Select the 'Database' tab.

    1. Enter the SQL server name in the 'Server name' field.

    2. Hover the cursor over the SQL icon in the system tray to determine the server name. The default is “EAGLESOFT”, as shown above. But it could be something else.

    3. In Windows Explorer, perform a search for dbeng*.exe to locate the path. If the file does not exist, perform a search for dbsrv*exe. Enter the entire path and filename of the file found in the 'Start line' field.

    4. The default name for the database is "DENTSERV" (all CAPS) in the 'Database name' field and the default path for the 'Database file' field is inside the EagleSoft data folder and is named dental.db.

    5. To determine the database name and path, double-click on SQL icon in the system tray . The default shown above may be different.

  8. The 'Network' and 'Advanced' tabs can be left with the default settings.

  9. Click OK to complete the process.