OVERVIEW: NameGrabber/DataGrabber and PM Support Information


The NameGrabber™ (which is bundled with XrayVision and XVLite) and DataGrabber tools allow users to bridge patient information from a Practice Management (PM) software package to their digital imaging software. Whereas NameGrabber only supports bridging to Apteryx Imaging software, DataGrabber is capable of bridging to many popular third-party, digital imaging software solutions.

NameGrabber (NG) and DataGrabber (DG) have the capability to read basic patient information from a PM application window, such as the Patient Chart, using PM-specific “Sniffer Definitions” created by Apteryx. NG and DG also work in tandem with a PM-specific “DataDrill” that extracts additional patient and demographic information (patient id; gender; date of birth; etc.) from the PM database, and uses this information to launch and open or create a new patient record in the imaging software.

Refer to the tables below for complete support information.

Practice Management Support

NG and DG support a wide variety of PM software pages. Some are fully supported (Sniffer Definition and DataDrill available) while others are partially supported (Either Sniffer Definition or DataDrill available).

Although Apteryx may support a particular PM application, there are some that are known to have the capability to directly bridge to specific imaging software, therefore, negating the need to use NG/DG. These are marked with an asterisk (*) below. Apteryx, Inc. recommends users check with their PM support desk first to see if their built-in integration can be utilized to bridge, before implementing NG or DG.


Full Support

Partial Support: Sniffer Definition Only

Partial Support: DataDrill Only

Known PM Software with Direct Integration to Apteryx Imaging

  • ABELDent*
  • Ace
  • BridgeIT
  • Carestream Trophy Gestion (French)
  • Computer Age Dentist
  • Cornerstone
  • DentalVision*
  • DentiMax*
  • Dentisoft*
  • Dentrix
  • Dentrix Enterprise
  • Dentrix G5
  • Dentrix G6
  • E.Z.
  • EagleSoft
  • Easy Dental
  • EasyDent
  • Exact Dental
  • First Pacific
  • Intellident
  • Julie
  • OpenDental*
  • OrthoTrack
  • Orthoware
  • Patient Base
  • PefectByte
  • PracticeWeb (Resold version of OpenDental)*
  • PracticeWorks*
  • Softdent
  • Windent
  • AltaPoint
  • AVI Mark
  • Dental Works
  • Dental.com
  • DentalMate
  • Discus
  • Domtrak
  • DVMax
  • Innova
  • IntraVet
  • Mediadent
  • meerMANAGER
  • MOGO*
  • NextGen
  • OMSVision*
  • Oral Surgery Exec (Oral Exec - Dental Exec - Perio Exec)*
  • ScanDent
  • VersaSuite
  • Visiodent
  • Walrus
  • WinOMS
  • XLDent
  • Centricity
  • Diamond Dental Software (DDS)*
  • Camsight CDM
  • PerioVision
  • Primadent
  • Radiology Lab Management Systems (RLMS)
  • The Digital Office (TDO)
  • Time
  • ABELDent
  • Alpha Dent
  • Autopia
  • CareStack
  • Data Team
  • Dentech by Softech
  • DentiMax
  • Dentisoft
  • Diamond Dental Software (DDS)
  • DOM for Windows/
    DOM Enterprise
    (BRS Dental)
  • DOX (KSB Dental)
  • EasyDent (DataTec)
  • EDDSON (Goetze Dental)
  • First Pacific Corporation (FPC)
  • Genesis
  • LiveDDM
  • Logic Tech Paradigm
  • MacPractice
  • Maxident
  • MOGO
  • OpenDental / PracticeWeb
  • OMS Vision / DentalVision
  • Oral Exec/Dental Exec/Perio Exec
  • PBS Endo
  • PerfectByte
  • Planet DDS
  • PracticeWorks
  • QSI Dental
  • XLDent by PEB

DataGrabber Imaging Software Support

Whereas NameGrabber only bridges PM softwares to Apteryx Imaging solutions (XrayVision/XVLite), DataGrabber (DG) bridges PM softwares to many popular third-party, digital imaging software solutions. It provides built-in integration to many popular, third-party digital imaging software solutions. The list is expanded when you include imaging software solutions that support command-line functionality. Command line support allows external applications, such as DG, to send commands to the imaging software to perform actions such as open or create patients.

Refer to the table below for complete DG digital imaging software support information.

DG Out-of-the-Box Imaging Software Support

DG Imaging Software Support via Command Line Bridging

  • Apixia Digirex
  • Canary System
  • Cliniview (Soredex / Instrumentarium)
  • Cliosoft
  • Dexis
  • Dimaxis (Planmeca)
  • EvaSoft (ImageWorks)
  • MyRay RayMage (Cefla)
  • Patterson Imaging
  • PerioPal
  • ProImage (AFP / Dent-X / ImageWorks)
  • Quickvision (Owandy)
  • Romexis (Planmeca)
  • Scanora (Soredex / Henry Schein)
  • Schick CDR / CDR DICOM
  • Sidexis (Sirona)
  • SmartDent (RayScan)
  • Vatech EasyDent (Ewoo)
  • Vatech EzDent-i
  • XVWeb Cloud Imaging (Apteryx)

  • BioPAK (Bio Resarch)
  • CADI
  • Camsight Digital X-ray (CDMx)
  • Cerec (Sirona)
  • Choice Imaging
  • CR LAB (CleaRay)
  • Dental Studio (Villa)
  • DentForms (MedicTalk)
  • DXIS
  • Florida Probe
  • ImageFX
  • Kodak Dental Imaging (Trophy)
  • MediaDent
  • MiPACS (Medicor)
  • OrthoPlex (GAC)
  • PatientGallery
  • PreXion
  • Progeny Imaging
  • QuantorDent (3DISC Imaging)
  • Sopro Imaging (Acteon)
  • Speedvision (Lightyear)
  • T-Scan (Tekscan)
  • TigerView
  • Triana (Genoray)
  • Trophy
  • Visora (Cieos)
  • Vixwin (Gendex)
  • XDR