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Web Based Dental Imaging (Rx Only)

XVWeb® is the latest in cloud imaging for Dental that allows an organization to view their images from most web-enabled devices. Designed to work with existing imaging applications via secure TLS DICOM, XVWeb allows you to both store and retrieve images from a webpage or any DICOM-compatible imaging program over a secure connection.

Dental Imaging on your phone and tablet

Most practice management systems can be bridged to XVWeb, and many communicate directly and seamlessly with XVWeb for clinical image management, processing and analysis, while providing access to clinical images from any web-connected device. XVWeb is imaging device agnostic, giving customers the choice of utilizing most imaging acquisition devices from major manufacturers.

Cloud Security & Convenience

XVWeb is dental imaging for the 21st century. Your entire imaging database is accessible via any web-connected device 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. With the data automatically stored off-site, you have complete data security with no need for manual backups.

  • HIPAA-compliant 24/7 web access
  • DICOM standard TLS encryption
  • Stored in one of the world’s largest data centers

Cost Efficient for Your Budget

XVWeb allows you to scale down the size and expense of onsite servers, reducing hardware and IT maintenance costs by utilizing cloud resources.

  • Simple, location based pricing to meet your needs
  • Scale down server size and IT expenses
  • Affordable conversion of your existing database 

The Flexibility of Hardware Independence

XVWeb is compatible with most major imaging hardware along with 3rd party management systems. 

  • Use imaging hardware from any manufacturer
  • Operate seamlessly with multiple hardware brands
  • Compatible with Carestream, Schick, Gendex etc.

How to Get Started

Every XVWeb service begins with your purchase of the one-time XVWeb Setup, and your choice of packages to meet your organization's needs. You may mix and match base packages to reach your Capture workstation count and data needs, or you can go unlimited with Pro Packages at each of your locations.

Demo and Trial Servers

You can check out the XVWeb viewer from any web-enabled device you wish by visiting our XVWeb Demo. While there, you may also request a 30-day trial server that you may use with your own dental images.

Technical Info

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